Flight from the Shadow

Heard this on the Reboot Podcast, that was sent to me by a friend after they read my previous post. And it really struck me. It is from Chuang Tzu,

Unquiet Minds

I envy those with a quiet mind. Mine tends to push me, scold me, and process items, angles and obsessions. Promote addictions like the devil on my

Madness in the Mist

Nathan Anders couldn’t believe this was how it was going to end—shaking, crying with his mind beginning to tear as the figure moved through the house.

Digital cleanse: Am I better yet?

I’m trying to take a digital break during the week or so I have off from work. It’s a digital cleanse but focusing on social media and email -

The Motown Confidence Man

[The events in this essay took place in June 2012. I'm reposting the new, edited version at Middleform. Enjoy!] Clearly San Francisco knows that